Sonido de los Andes

Sonido de los Andes
08 Jun
20:30 - Midnight
280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Venue 505
280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

'Sonido de los Andes' was formed in 1977 by a group of young musicians after emigrating from Latin America inspired by the music made from there traditional instruments. Led by young Chilean singer/songwriter Oscar Marin. Over the years, the band has expanded its musical boundaries incorporating folkloric instruments and styles from Uruguayan ‘Candombe’, Venezuelan ‘Joropo’, Mexican ‘Ranchera’, Cuban ‘Son’ and Colombian ‘Cumbia'. 
The groups musical influences also include ‘non’ Latin styles and contemporary instruments and through performing and composing together they’ve unearthed a unique sound.

From the haunting sounds of the Andes to the rich rhythms and melodies of Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela, Sonido embrace all of Latin America as one. Playing more than 40 wind, string and percussion instruments there performances are a treasure for the human spirit. 
A true journey through the magic of Latin America and beyond.

Recognised internationally they are now led by Oscars sons, Cesar and Steve. ‘Sonido' remains at the forefront of new music and are regarded as one of the chief exponents of Latin American music in the world today.
Cesar Marin- Charango, cuatro, guitar, bass, quena, zamponas, bombo, percussion, vocals.
Steve Marin- Quena, zamponas, bass, bombo, cajon, congas, drums, percussion, lead vocal. 
Stephen Aguilera-Mendoza- Lead vocal, guitar, cuatro, charango, zampona, bombo, percussion, 
Juan Alvear- Zamponas, quena, moceno, charango, guitar, percussion, vocals
Marco Lopez- Zamponas, quenas, moceno, charango, bombo, percussion, vocals
Enrique Berbis- Lead vocal, guitar, charango, zamponas, bombo, bongo, percussion, vocals
Ricardo Cancino- Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, charango, percussion, vocals

Venue closes at 12AM

Ticket Conditions

*Booking and transaction fees may apply. Doors open 6pm fro 830pm show. Two sets until approx 11:15pm. Venue is 80% seated 20% standing but may be reconfigured for dancing