Midnite Spares ft. Andras + Instant Peterson

09 Jun 2017
18:00 - Midnight
109 Regent St, Chippendale NSW 2008

Freda’s presents Midnite Spares: A night of rare Oz obscurities from two of the country’s most renowned record diggers.

'Midnite Spares’ is an all-Australian compilation released on Efficient Space late last year. While compiling ‘Midnite Spares’ Australian music devotees András and Instant Peterson sought to hold a candle to overlooked avant-pop and electronic works by antipodean artists and outsiders working through the 80s and 90s.

Through co-presenting weekly radio show 'Strange Holiday', the duo slowly upturned their locale for inspiration — archives, country bookstores, private collections and convenience stores, searching for a place to anchor their own identities in the oceans of the island continent.

The 10 tracks acknowledge a minor history, passed on via a network of friends, friends of friends, the libraries of radio station 3RRR and more often than not, the artists themselves.