Luke Escombe + Mick Stuart @ Camelot Lounge (Django Bar)

Luke Escombe @ Camelot Lounge (Django Bar)
10 Jun - 11 Jun 2016 19:30 - 00:00
19 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
‘Luke Escombe is a rock-soul singer, raconteur, blistering blues guitarist, comedian and songwriter, and is very good at them all. His commanding voice carries echoes of Dr John, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cave and Jim Morrison’ – John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald
‘not only great fat rock’n’boogie but smart, funny and – virtually alone in the roots genre – original and literate’ – John Hardaker, Orangepress
Soaked in the spirit of the old bluesmen but with a lyrical style born of the internet age, Luke Escombe's music is raw, earthy, funny and funky. In 2011 his career path took an intriguing tangent from its blues and funk roots when he took a one-man show called “Chronic” to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Proving that he could not only do stand-up but illuminate the murky world of male health, the show earned him a nomination for a Green Room Award and a successful new role as a public speaker and charity ambassador. He returned to the blues with his darkly comic 2012 album "Mantown" which spent nine months in the top ten of the Australian Blues and Roots charts and last year he released “Creeper Vine”, a record described by the Sydney Morning Herald as “a steaming pile of fun”. A true original, Luke is also the proud owner of "Sydney's sexiest man voice" (a title he won in a phone poll on a popular radio station) and the creator of an award-winning roots music show for kids called The Vegetable Plot.
He comes to Django Bar for Vivid Festival armed with his electric guitar and two super-talented sidemen in bassist Nick Hoorweg and sax player Ross Harrington. Expect funny, outrageous, smart and funky songs delivered with swagger, groove and soul. Don’t miss this rare treat!  
Self-taught performer Mick Stuart has spent the last three years travelling the world as part of wildly successful circus cabaret extravaganza LIMBO. Not content with playing all of the conventional musical instruments with unique style and flair, Mick invented his own - the Polymba. Essentially a wooden box housing fifteen amplified African thumb pianos of various tones, it’s a unique musical creation that produces a fittingly distinctive sound.