A musical performance like no other, acclaimed composer Keaton Henson’s multi-sensory Six Lethargies aims to express and explain the feelings of anxiety and depression through six connected movements for string orchestra.

Keaton Henson: Six Lethargies with the Opera Australia Orchestra


Bennelong Point
2000 NSW

Sydney Opera House
Keaton Henson
Keaton Henson

Event Details

Prepare for a musical experience like no other. Six Lethargies is the culmination of over three years of work from the musician, artist and composer.

Direct from its acclaimed London engagement, Keaton Henson’s unique multi-sensory Six Lethargies – in which the composer invited the sections of the audience deep into the sensation of anxiety – is set to make its groundbreaking debut in the Joan Sutherland Theatre, with a live score by the Opera Australia Orchestra.

Exploring his lifelong anxiety, the British folk-rock musician and avant garde composer set out to create a challenging experience that would understand what depression and anxiety feel like. The resulting Six Lethargies is a stunning, mind-altering experiment, using data from previous audience members – hooked up to biometric sensors – to give real-time responses to the music, and alter the visual and lighting design during the performance.

Known for his inability to perform live due to anxiety, through Six Lethargies Keaton hands his story over to the orchestra. In attendance on the night, though not performing himself, he is allowing them to be his voice, as well as providing human connection and empathetic insight, all the while asking the audience ‘if I write how it feels to me, will it make you feel the same?’

Don’t miss what’s destined to be one of the most singular Vivid LIVE performances.

Conducted by Paul Fitzsimon.

General Public tickets on sale Friday 22 March 2019.

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