9pm start — so bring photo ID! Abe Saffron will host a night of nights bringing some old Kings Cross glamour back to the main drag. Starring Ayesha...

Kabaret Vashti in the Cross


42 Darlinghurst Rd
2011 NSW

B.E.D. Beats Eats Drinks

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9pm start — so bring photo ID! Abe Saffron will host a night of nights bringing some old Kings Cross glamour back to the main drag. Starring Ayesha — 21 years in Les Girls (with her cute pooch You hoo), Vittorio , Christa Hughes, Celia Curtis as Las Vegas has-been Anita Douche, Ross Johnston accompanying as Liver Owchie, Aaron Manhattan dragged through the inspiration of Roslyn Norton , Amelia Wood footjuggling, stripping French mime and Di Busutil tap dancing '50s cigarette girl!!!!!! $15 at the door 

A cabaret night of eight fabulous performers bringing some glitz and glamour back to the Cross in the old Commonwealth Bank (opposite McDonald's)

Vashti Hughes is a well-known cabaret hostess in the Sydney scene. She is an acclaimed actor and writer. She is the writer and performer of "Piccolo Tales" with Vittorio Bianchi about 50 years of change through the Cross and also "Mum's In: Stories from Razorhorst" — a dark cabaret about the underground world of 1920s and 1930s of the area led by Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine. For B.E.D. she is bringing some dirt, glamour and crime back to the Cross playing Abe Saffron, surrounded by a glittering cast of old school Sydney talent with a new edge.

Vittorio Bianchi, 82 , has been working in the Piccolo Bar for over 50 years. He is considered a local treasure. He began MCing in the 1970s for Cabaret Conspiracy — an underground performance movement.  Over the last few years he performed two seasons of Piccolo Tales — a site specific show about his life in the Cross which he performed to great acclaim with Vashti Hughes. 

Ayesha, one of the original Les Girls girls — performed with them for 21 years in a starring role. She was handpicked at a young age by Sammy Lee to join the troupe and performance became her life. She has also performed in Hong Kong and around Australia. She is still seen swanning the streets of the Cross in marvellous creations with her little white dog You Hoo. She recently featured in Louis Nowra's book "Woolloomooloo". Tonight she is performing her favourite standard number from her Les Girls days.

Amelia Wood was born into a burlesque family in Adelaide. Showing a young passion and aptitude for circus skills she trained with a Chinese master at the National Institute of Circus Arts and now specialises in foot juggling. Her act is a combination of circus , burlesque and storytelling with which she has toured the world .Tonight she embodies  Kings Cross risqué entertainment at it's peak.

Celia Curtis is a cabaret luminary and rock 'n' roll raconteur. Ringleader of Circus Bizarre, she shocks and rocks audiences. Table dancing singer of rock duo White Knuckle Fever, she is bawdy, rambunctious and irresistibly inappropriate. Tonight she is playing the hilarious Anita Douche — Las Vegas Has Been .

Ross Johnston has been rocking in Sydney for three decades. He was a founding member of Vrag and then Machine Gun Fellatio. He now plays regularly in Sydney venues well into his 8 year rock 'n' roll partnership with Celia Curtis in their band White Knuckle Fever. Tonight he is playing Liver Owchie accompanying to Anita Douche.

Christa Hughes — vaudeville vamp, blues belter, rock 'n' roll hellcat is a singing sensation. She has been Ringmistress of Circus Oz, performed with Machine Gun Fellatio, La Soiree and Club Swizzle. She is currently performing in Hidden Sydney the Glittering Mile as Judy Garland. Tonight she will sing, inspired by the glitz and glamour of Kings Cross heyday.

Di Busutil has been living in Berlin for 15 years, working as the tap dancing trainer of the largest tap dance group outside of Las Vegas: Freidrich Stadt Palaste. She danced around summer festivals through Europe with Dorky Park throughout these years as well as India and Japan. Tonight she will be tap dancing  up a cyclonic tap storm.

Vashti Huges

She’s a tall, raw, colonial girl, trained to act, educated in theatre yet her gift for character is so innate it needs no props and barely a skerrick of costuming. You won’t find her in conventional locales. Vashti Hughes is part of a growing band of theatre makers who take what they can get. Cars, pubs, streets, houses — all of these provide a stage.

Most recently Vashti has used the minuscule Piccolo Bar for Piccolo Tales, featuring the legendary Vittorio, octogenarian Sicilian at least one foot shorter and 30 years older. The characters are so vital and prolific, from the black box or the more ambiguous darkness of club and bar owners and political figures. Satirical, clever, witty, and charasmatic, Vashti Hughes comes back to The Cross as the one and only Abe Safron Saturday June 17th 2017 at The bank Hotel in B.E.D.

Credit Fiona Mcgregor THE SATURDAY PAPER

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  • Wheelchair accessible - Access to the venue is suitable for wheelchairs (toilets, ramps/lifts etc.) and designated wheelchair spaces are available.