I Am Woman

I Am Woman
08 Jun 2017
18:00 - 23:00

I am Woman encompasses the energetic spirit of a wide range of women's ideas and voices as expressed in music.

With three powerful female singers alternating between lead and harmonies, I Am Woman provides a chance for them to sing the songs they heard, loved and sung along to growing up; the songs that guided and inspired them, making their hearts, minds, then voices sing.

Although all songwriters in their own right, like discovering a spectacular vintage dress, the girls love to slip into their selected ‘pre-sung’ classics and flaunt them on stage as if they are their own.

The show relies on three fundamental elements: great tunes, huge helpings of passion and a feel good vibe that gets everybody up, dancing and singing along from the heart.

I am Woman showcases songs chronologically: from the late 30s Jazz era, by singers like Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

The span of voices and the messages of life, love and passion are some of the ingredients that make the show’s musical journey so special.

I am Woman is proud to present a great cast of eight talented and passionate musicians and singers including:

Murray Cook - Wiggles, Pip Hoyle - Radio Birdman, Morgana - Nitocris, Carrie Phillis - The Boobytraps, Lizzie Mack - The Soul Movers, Andy Newman - The Visitors, Rolf Knudsen - The Volcanoes and Stu Wilson - The Loose Pills.


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