VIVID NEW MUSIC AT THE CON #77.00-7.30pm: Looping the LoopLooping the Loop premieres a composition by Martin Kay, featuring experimental improvisational...

The Hour (Alon Ilsar) + Looping the Loop & Arecibo


1 Conservatorium Rd
2000 NSW

Sydney Conservatorium Of Music

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7.00-7.30pm: Looping the Loop

Looping the Loop premieres a composition by Martin Kay, featuring experimental improvisational trio Song Fwaa, with Martin Kay, saxophone and gongs, David Reaston, guitar and pedals, and Jamie Cameron, drums and gongs. Song Fwaa, a.k.a. ‘the wrong band for the right people,’ invites pianist extraordinaire Steve Barry and violinist Matt Bruce, of Brandenburg Orchestra fame, to weave a sonic tapestry interpreting video art by Steve Weymouth and Angela Wagstaff.

8.00-9.00pm: The Hour

The Hour is a new immersive audio-visual piece performed and composed by Alon Ilsar.

The audience is invited to put on 3D glasses, sit in amongst a surround sound array and take a synaesthetic one-hour journey through sound, movement and visuals exploring our relationship with numbers, religion, nature and technology.

This unique collaboration features Alon Ilsar on drums and AirSticks, a new custom gestural instrument that allows the triggering and manipulation of sounds and visuals by slashing and striking through the air, along with the interactive visuals of Andrew Bluff, sound design of Daniel Krass and 3D animations of Matthew Hughes.

9.30-10.00pm: Arecibo

Conceived by David Reaston and featuring 5 electric guitarts, drums and sax quartet, Arecibo is a sonic rendering of the message broadcast into space from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico on Nov.16, 1974.