Frank Sultana has a new single and you really should check it out!  ‘Loving You’ is the new single from Sydney’s Frank Sultana...



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Frank Sultana

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Frank Sultana has a new single and you really should check it out! 


‘Loving You’ is the new single from Sydney’s Frank Sultana, and it’s a cracker!

A modern blues/soul masterpiece, ‘Loving You’ sounds like Ray Charles jamming with the Beatles after a night on the whiskey listening to Otis Redding records! Showcasing his remarkable musicality (he plays every instrument on the recording) and his reverence for the classics, this is a strong release from one of the hardest working musicians in the country.


Having played well over 300 shows in the last 6 years, as a solo act as well fronting his dynamic band the ‘Sinister Kids’, Frank Sultana is a seasoned performer who has been leaving audiences gob smacked everywhere he goes.

On top of this demanding touring schedule he has also produced 4 full length albums and 3 EP’s of quality songs since his first release in 2011.


With a voice that speaks to the pain, joy and longing reflected in his song writing, he is a masterful story teller, conjuring up places and characters as flawed and mysterious as the man singing them. Honest, raw and brooding, Frank Sultana is set to blow us all away again this year with more touring along the East coast of Australia in support of ‘Loving You’.

Do yourself a favour, get along to a show and discover your new favourite artist, or simply confirm what you already know..........that this is the real deal folks!


Frank Sultana dwells comfortably in this vintage stylistic world, where the song is still king, and nothing beats a great story. His band, the Sinister Kids, are much like a family of transient musicians, and can vary on stage from Frank and a backing singer, to a nine-piece band.


At its core however are four talented young artists. From the sultry backing vocals of Jaz Ruggieri and Alyce Schulte, dirty slide guitar and harp of Lyall Moloney, the blues rhythm section that is drummer Simon Panucci, and bassist Nath Boaden, the Sinister Kids provide a vintage backdrop for Frank's primitive electric guitar tones and soulful, whiskey drenched voice.


Mixed in will be a DJ set, burlesque, and special guests from some of the Bad Bitch Choir. Formed in 2013, The Bad Bitch Choir (BBC) has become an inner west phenomenon. Whisperings about its boisterous performances and shiny outfits are getting louder, and now the Bad Bitches are ready to roar. 


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  • Wheelchair accessible - Access to the venue is suitable for wheelchairs (toilets, ramps/lifts etc.) and designated wheelchair spaces are available.