Dave Mason – ‘Dark’ @ Vivid Lounge

Dave Mason – ‘Dark’ @ Vivid Lounge
10 Jun 2016
18:00 - 23:00
Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia, Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), Sydney NSW 2000
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia

Dave Mason upends pop’s sweet rainbow with his new show Dark

Devised with Vivid in mind, Dark reimagines the worlds of Mason’s ‘Quasimodo’s Dream’ ‘Shout And Deliver’ and ‘After The News’, and classic covers such as ‘Bad Moon Rising’.

Conceived with graphic artist Libby Blainey (long-time collaborator) and producer Scott Saunders (D.I.G.), Dark is drawn from the pictures in Mason’s mind reflecting the things he passionately thinks and feels – freed from obligations to record company or popular music conventions.

These interpretations deftly, deliberately and dramatically cast light on the noisy riot of colour that defines the world we live inhabit.

Dark is not made for saccharine music television – it is made for fearless adventurers, ready to face – and dance with – the ‘truths’ Mason throws at us.

Expect your beliefs to be eviscerated – by pop!

Mason wipes the Vaseline from the lens of popular culture – Burt Bacharach’s ‘This Guys In Love with You’ is remade as a song about unhealthy obsession – the twisted stalker kind of love that John Hinkley Jr had for Jodie Foster – and yes you can hear a gunshot ring.

Recognised as one of Australia’s best songwriters, Mason is also lauded for his distinctive interpretations of classic pop songs.

Originally from Dubbo, dave’s band The Reels achieved great success in the 80’s and 90’s, featuring in ABC TV’s ‘Long Way To The Top’.

Dark shines a stark – but loving – light on our world.

See it. Fresh not sentimental.

The ‘Dark’ light on the hill.