Body Promise

10 Jun 2017
18:00 - Midnight
109 Regent St, Chippendale NSW 2008

Body Promise started out as a weekly radio show on FBi Click delivering fine pearls from all corners of the globe. In the club, Body Promise are known for explosive sets spanning hard hitting techno to breakbeat rollers to percussive club experiments.

In October 2016 they established themselves as a label and released their debut compilation “Harmony from a dominant hue”. The compilation showcases the original work of fifteen producers from Australia and abroad, each of who occupy their own special place on the club music spectrum.

For Vivid, Body Promise are bringing their raw and direct ethos to Fredas, curating a night of live electronics that will be adventurous, transportive, and unpredictable. 

Sludgy industrial techno from Grace Stevenson (100%) 

Autotune nightmares from Lavurn Lee (Cassius Select, BV)

MURR (DJ Plead & T.Morimoto) 
Sound of the MIDI East from Jarred Beeler (BV) & Tom Smith