107 Presents For Folk Sake

Swamp Fat Jangles
10 Jun 2017
17:00 - 21:30
107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016
107 Projects

Don't Folk around, come on and get the folk down. The beautiful 107 rooftop will be hosting Sydney NOW to present 'For Folk Sake', featuring some of Sydney’s greatest musical storytelling talents, from folk to alt, DJs and a delicious BBQ.

Swamp Fat Jangles (pictured)
Brian Campeau
Nic Cassey & Friends

107’s Rooftop Garden is your destination for a hidden local adventure, experience an entree to Sydney’s independent music culture with six nights of experimental sound, electronica and beats curated by The NOW now, Pretty Gritty, Ears Have Ears, Electrofringe, Bare Necessities and Sydney Now’s For Folk Sake.

Brian Campeau

Brian Campeau

Brian Campeau is a Sydney musician known for his stylistic boundary pushing. Blending acoustic music with electronic sounds, odd time signatures and left-field arrangements, Brian has never been easy to describe in single-word terms. He is fine with that.

Nic Cassey

Nic Cassey & Friends

Nic Cassey & Friends create sadly beautiful portraits of love and life on the margins with the moody depth of Nick Drake and the country-influenced textures of Andrew Bird.

Swamp Fat Jangles

Swamp Fat Jangles

The Swamp Fat Jangles sound emanates from the bayou in a secret swamp near Sydney's South West. Their tales are performed in a raw alt-folk sound, with poetic harmonising female vocals atop the rhythms of banjo, guitar, bass and drums accompanied by bendy blues harp and trumpet.​

Swamp Fat Jangles have enchanted audiences across the east coast with their distinctive brand of seductive electric folk, playing on stages such as the Vanguard & Venue 505 and festivals like Peats Ridge and Newtown Festival.



eüsh creates alt-country experimental-folk rock, cinematic baroque-pop, mysterious-sea-shanty's. The use of their very experimental version of song writing and sound aesthetics brings the uniqueness which they are known for, and their sound can be meditative whilst melodic. Having toured in the US from 2012 to 2014, eüsh are now busy back in Australia touring in Victoria, Brisbane and New South Wales.


"Daydreams about being a soul without a body." - recalcitrant iconoclast

"...evokes something akin to Rachels jamming with Radiohead and Kate Bush and all that the pairing might contain."- Musiczeitgeist Indie Artist Of The Month

"They will surely dim the lights and leave you wandering in the dark and getting lost in their songs." - John Ritchie, Musicfeeds.com

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