You Lookin' at Me?

Artist: Tropism Art and Science Collective

You lookin' at me? takes five big glaring eyes, scatters them across a grass verge and invests them with the behaviour of a watchful predator.

When undisturbed, the glowing, bulging eyeballs, complete with colourful irises, stare randomly, appearing a little bored; however, when a pedestrian passes they spark into action, each eyeball closely following the passage of the visitor.

When there is more than one person nearby the eyes have to choose whom to follow or ignore. The general perception for the viewer: it is they who are being watched.

Sometimes, when a visitor comes too close, the eyes become nervous and react by trying to intimidate the intruder with a lot of eyeball-rolling. If this fails to scare them off, the eyes might become bloodshot and angry and start to emit a swelling, sinister sound.

If the eyes still fail to chase the visitor away, they simply give up. In a wink they turn into ‘eyes-wide-shut’, although some eyeballs may go into dignified denial and simply project a blank stare.


The Royal Botanic Garden expands its presence in Vivid Sydney 2017. A collaboration and showcase between artists and collectives, young and old – where new developments in projection, lighting and sound technology enable them to use plants, rock walls, tree canopies and even the magnificent trunks of 100-year-old Ficuses, as organic canvases, the nexus perhaps, of art and botany. See what else is happening at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

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