Artists: (a)Maze (Shidi Luo (China) / Mengjing Yan (China) / Tong Jia (China) / Hongji Lin (China) / Ke Zhang (China)) Collaborators:  ST Microelectronics...



Circular Quay
2000 NSW


Event Details

Artists: (a)Maze (Shidi Luo (China) / Mengjing Yan (China) / Tong Jia (China) / Hongji Lin (China) / Ke Zhang (China)) 

Collaborators:  ST Microelectronics (Joe Peng (China)) / PAK Lighting (Yujin Lee (Malaysia)/ Moonnam Yoong (Malaysia)) 

The concept of Vision^(Reflection) is to showcase a large variety of objects, but present them in a completely different way to how they are usually perceived. The artists are particularly interested in exploring that space where vision and reflection collide.

The octagonal shape of the installation originates from the concept of Ba Gua (the Eight Diagrams), which is the arrangement of eight symbols that the ancient Chinese used to understand the rules of the universe and nature.

On the top and back façades, triangular reflectors are arranged geometrically to create crystal-like illumination effects by reflecting the light from LED strips. The front is an opaque PVC surface, on which animations are projected.

When audiences walk towards the installation, they see transitions of fragmented and twisted narrative images from their daily life and hear mysterious sound effects synchronised to the light effects and animation.

The multi-sensory experience created by the installation has many intentions: to remind the viewer of the joys of looking into a kaleidoscope as a child; to spark curiosity, innate playfulness, spiritual pursuit and imagination; to encourage participants to observe their everyday life, their internal and external entities, and even the universe, in a different way.


Country represented by installation: Australia


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