Visible dynamics

Visible Dynamics
25 May - 16 Jun 18:00 - 23:00
Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney NSW 2000

ONGA Artful Light Co.Ltd: Dutchanee Ongarjsiri (Thailand)

Ming Zhang (Thailand)

Visible Dynamics is designed to intrigue and fascinate visitors by drawing them in to witness the magic of light. These beautiful light sculptures are created using different connecting forms and shapes reminiscent of a child’s stacking toy.

The inspiration for the installation was taken from a child’s joy and discovery in creating and building a structure from different geometric shapes. The aim of Visible Dynamics is to attempt to awake this same wonder and excitement in those interacting with this playful and engaging light sculpture.

The sculpture contains sensors which harness and store the energy of the wind which in turn creates music and light, appealing to both visual and auditory senses. The music combines with intricate light and colour to give the audience a sense of childlike wonder.

Country represented by installation: Thailand