27 May - 18 Jun 2016 18:00 - 23:00
Circular Quay

Artists: Cox Richardson Architects and Planners (Andrew Butler (Australia) / Danny Nguyen (Australia) / Rob Asher (South Africa / Mitchell Page (USA) / Adrian Taylor (USA)

Collaborator: Rebekah Collins (Australian)

Vastitude explores concepts of ‘vastness’. Its simple architectural form hosts multidimensional displays that respond in real time to web-based interactions by users.

The exterior of Vastitude is a simple rectangular structure that hosts a complex three-dimensional grid of LED lights suspended inside parallel mirrors, creating the illusion of a deep, vast ‘field of lights’.

Users interact with the installation in real-time through a dedicated social media portal. When users direct their posts to the installation system, it will translate the user’s post into values that control the colour, speed and type of animation that will be displayed. 

The choices for input are infinite, and users are encouraged to explore the ways that different inputs are translated as creative effects when processed by the installation. 

The result is a representation of the vastness of space, the endless variation of cultural expression and the ready availability of vast data resources.

The team of artists who created Vastitude is made up of passionate computational designers working in the architecture industry. Their aim is to create an architectural design piece that is elegantly interactive and allows for the largest possible diversity of inputs.

Visitors viewing the installation should look to rolling text at the top of the structure where they can learn more about its possibilities and also obtain an indication of who is currently affecting Vastitude.


Country represented by installation: Australia