Artists:GLEAM Collective: Marsha Levina (Indonesia) / Eduardus Andrew (Indonesia) / James Sulaiman (Indonesia) / Jenny Wong (Hong Kong) / Kristina...

The Unnoticed


The Rocks
2000 NSW

Event Details

GLEAM Collective:
 Marsha Levina (Indonesia) / Eduardus Andrew (Indonesia) / James Sulaiman (Indonesia) / Jenny Wong (Hong Kong) / Kristina Grasiella (Indonesia)

Sencity Corp: 
Steven Bai (Australia) / Ivan Chen (Australia) / Anthony Zeater (Australia)

The Unnoticed converts a hidden urban setting into an immersive experience of light, colour and texture. It encourages reassessment of the familiar, the overlooked or the unnoticed in order to discover something vibrant and new.

The hidden location of the installation — a dark alleyway in The Rocks — is curious and demands exploration.

On entering the intimate space, visitors may experience heightened awareness or moments of self-reflection. As they walk through the alleyway they become participants, part of the installation; by being present they cause the entire space to be washed with light.

While the alleyway itself is a metaphor for a journey of self-exploration, the interactivity aims to communicate the idea of self-worth and evoke a warm sense of empowerment. This is achieved as the audience moves and plays, and become immersed in the experience.

The Unnoticed’s dependence on participation represents yet another inspiring concept: that the very presence of an individual can bring light and colour to the world around them.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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