Universal Everything Free Exhibition

A stream of colourful, varied shapes play across a broad black ring that extends upwards from chest-height. On a curved black screen beyond the ring, a shape formed from tangled tendrils of colourful light resembles a large hairy figure.
22 May - 08 Jun 2015 18:00 - Midnight
Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney Opera House

Extending the Vivid Light Walk for the first time inside the Opera House itself, Vivid LIVE stages a free exhibition celebrating Universal Everything – the multi-disciplinary design collective Lighting the Sails this year.

Featuring works selected across 11 years of collaborations with bands, brands and record labels, audiences are invited to see the Sails up close, then delve deep into Universal Everything's singular world - filled with colour-saturated delights, anthropomorphic wonders and digitally-crafted landscapes in an immersive environment for children and adults alike.