Artists: thomas + sebastian (Thomas Martin (Australia) / Sebastian Barkoczy (Australia)) Collaborators: Leigh Klien (Australia) / Ryan Drum (Australia...



Circular Quay
2000 NSW


Event Details

Artists: thomas + sebastian (Thomas Martin (Australia) / Sebastian Barkoczy (Australia)) 

Collaborators: Leigh Klien (Australia) / Ryan Drum (Australia) / Tom Cashman (Australia)

U-Tube is an interactive sculpture—made from thousands of sliding tubes—that, when approached, takes visitors to an imagined ‘science-fictional’ place, where they feel they are entering a new dimension.

The sculpture initially presents as a 2.4 m high portal on top of an accessible platform. When it lies dormant, the frame of the portal projects calm, cool colours; however, as an individual approaches, motion sensors activate lights and sounds that evoke the sense of entering a new dimension.

Thousands of transparent tubes perforate the surface of the wall; the depth of each rod is adjustable in response to movement, and projects shades of warm light. Participants can form coloured shapes on the wall simply by an imprint of themselves by pushing their faces, the palms of their hands or their whole bodies closer to the surface.

thomas + sebastian exhibited at Vivid Sydney 2015 and have sought to continue their ideology of creating interactive light sculptures that enable people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to leave their own mark on the creative output of the event.

Country represented by installation: Australia