True Life

27 May - 18 Jun 2016 17:00 - 23:00
Westfield Sydney,188 Pitt Street,Sydney 2000

Artist: Joe Crossley

CollaboratorsProf Phillip Poronnick, Dr Rosanne Quinnell, Darryl Thoms, Jack Oakford, Dr Suzanne Ollerenshaw, students of the University of Sydney. 

Without the use of animation or artificial graphics, True Life maps the life of an object as viewed under a lens. Picture the cross-section of a microscope slide showing sea larvae or coral cells interacting in real time, with cells dividing and forming unique patterns. This is the field of vision through which True Life exists. 

These natural processes are filmed and projected onto a 3D sculpture taken from the shape of a Sodium Chloride crystal. Salt, the defining ingredient of the world's oceans. 

True Life draws on media produced by academics and students from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Biological Sciences. The installation is created by Joe Crossley in collaboration with Vivid Sydney, Westfield and the City of Sydney.

True Life Contributors include  Rh7thm, DNA Rigging, Epson Australia and the University of Sydney.