Artists: Yonghan Ji (China) / Wendy Davis (USA) Contributor: University of SydneyTri.os is a joyful installation featuring six cute triangular cartoon...



Walsh Bay
2000 NSW


Event Details

Artists: Yonghan Ji (China) / Wendy Davis (USA) 

Contributor: University of Sydney

Tri.os is a joyful installation featuring six cute triangular cartoon characters named Tri.os that are projected onto a large screen. Each character comes alive when human participants use their own movements to control the on-screen action. The artists’ aim is to encourage people to interact, have fun together and be active.

The Tri.os are controlled by up to six human users at a time, moving in an activity zone in front of the screen. In the projected image, bouncy geometric shapes lined up above the heads of the Tri.os drop down and, by moving their own bodies, viewers are able to get the Tri.os to interact with the shapes: the little characters can hit them, toss them to others, bounce them off the ground, or even try to juggle them.

If the participants aren’t careful, a shape can hit Tri.os on the head with unfortunate consequences – its head will bounce right off!  


Country represented by installation: Australia