Tree hugger

Tree hugger
27 May - 18 Jun 2016 18:00 - 23:00
Circular Quay

Artist: Ciaran Frame (Australia)

The organic structure of a living tree is enhanced by a series of sound and lighting responses that are activated by a simple hug from a human being.

The tree becomes an interactive installation that delivers a vibrant audiovisual display that changes and adapts in response to the unique characteristics of each hug.

Light pulses up and down the tree through countless colours and patterns. The sounds of natural phenomena such as flowing water or the rhythm of heartbeats are replicated in the accompanying soundscape.

The installation brings together different forms of software and hardware, with each pixel on every strip of LED lighting being individually controlled by computers that assign different patterns and pulses.

Throughout the life of the installation, each hug will elicit a completely unique fingerprint of light and sound.

Country represented by installation: Australia 

Tree Hugger is using Intel® technology inside, based on Intel® architecture and specifically designed for makers, students, educators, and DIY electronics enthusiasts.