Artists: Mandylights (Brad Salt (Australia) / Alex Grierson (Australia) / Adrienn Lord (Australia) / Andrea Vale (Australia))Collaborators: Richard Neville...

Totem Forest


Martin Pl
2000 NSW

Totem Forest

Event Details

Artists: Mandylights (Brad Salt (Australia) / Alex Grierson (Australia) / Adrienn Lord (Australia) / Andrea Vale (Australia))

Collaborators: Richard Neville (United Kingdom) / Daniel Mercer (Australia) / Shane Radcliffe (Australia) / Transport for NSW

A colourful and brightly lit Totem Forest finds itself in the heart of the Sydney urban jungle.

A Totem is an artistic presentation, a symbol of a tribe, clan, family, individual or event.

Taking inspiration from the symbolic clan, the curved grouping of the Totems invites our Sydney tribe into its camp fire and asks you to beat the drums.

The drums do not omit sound. Simply find your rhythm and watch the colours and patterns chase, change, pulse, react and glow with each strike of the drum.

The Totems transform from a static image by day to an animated and ever-changing canvas at night, when influenced by light. Whether you are playing or watching, no two light shows are the same.

Each colour pairing is designed to be the inverse of the other as it reacts to light, changing the patterns and creating a feeling of movement.

Totem Forest is designed to be fun, interactive and immersive, while encouraging visitors to experience an ever-changing Forest of Light, in the heart of the city.

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Countries represented by installation: Australia / United Kingdom