Lines drawn on two tablets appear on a large colourful screen and create music. When players have created four lines, their work is transformed into a dynamic animation and melody.
22 May - 08 Jun 2015 18:00 - Midnight
Cleland Bond Building, The Rocks NSW 2000

Artists: Resonance (Jonathan Key)

Collaborators: Dominique Chan /Annika Jayne Harrisson / Victor Caringal / Andrew Noël / James van den Elshout / Thomas Pranadjaja / Yasin Masukor / Peter Covington

Country: Australia

Threads is an interactive installation where participants collaborate to create an immersive musical lightshow that fosters engagement. Watch as lines, shapes and particles intertwine to form a 4-bar masterpiece.
The threads of light created by each participant signify the connections and relationships that individuals experience in life. The threads intertwine to produce a brighter and more colourful environment for all.

The work was created by Resonance, a collective comprising a diverse team of designers working across visual, spatial, aural and interactive design. The team’s ethos is that personal connections are important contributors to happiness.