27 May - 18 Jun 2016 18:00 - 23:00
The Rocks

Artists: Alexandra Heaney (New Zealand) / Julia Heaney (New Zealand)

Sweep slowly moves with the breeze. When viewed from a distance this work provides the illusion of suspended light rods bobbing softly and gracefully from side to side, like a school of fish in a deep current; however, when viewed up close the effect is very different. Those walking through Sweep will feel confusion and a sense of intimidation as the large individual lights move ominously above and around them.

The installation comprises one hundred acrylic tubes, standing four metres tall and anchored in a custom-fitted base. Each stem has three sections of light implanted inside (all LED- controllable).

The artists have created the work as a comment on the difference between appearance versus and reality in modern society: although everyone appears to move together harmoniously, in reality people have their own views (represented by light) and feelings (represented by sound) and each person moves slightly differently from others.


Country represented by installation: New Zealand