Carolina Alvarez Arellano (Mexico) / Claudio Mantovani (Italy) / Shewanna Mendis (Sri Lanka) /  
Gabriel Duque (Colombia) / Pablo Codina (Argentina) / Dean Van Der Merwe (New Zealand) /
Roberto Rizzo (Italy) / Alex Tran (Australia) / Aaron Hogan (Australia) / Nat Ma (Australia)

Code Green: 
Chris Knierm (Australia)
JHA: Tara-Lee Brennan (Australia) / Ross Thompson (Australia)
Mott Macdonald: Stephen Gibblet (Australia) / Benjamin Scouller (Australia)
Lighting, Art + Science: Richard Mason (Australia)

Supernova by-passes the bright lights of the city to create a starry night sky. An array of cantilevered umbrellas open and close, their material glowing; when fully open, there’s a flash of bright light – the supernova is revealed!

This miniaturised astronomical event, captured in Bulletin Place, represents the sudden and bright birth of a star, which then fades back into a ‘Milky Way’ of shifting canopies.

Country represented by installation: Australia