Artists:Tanner Dyson: Oliver Tanner (Australia) / Mark Dyson (Australia)Square Fugue explores the sculptural possibilities of Bach’s...

Square Fugue


Sydney NSW 2000
2000 NSW

Square Fugue

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Tanner Dyson: Oliver Tanner (Australia) / Mark Dyson (Australia)

Square Fugue explores the sculptural possibilities of Bach’s famous musical composition Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello.

Sculptor Oliver Tanner and Director of DarkHouse Production Design Mark Dyson render the meditative tone of Bach’s cello suites through the formal qualities of bronze and the calm beauty of sequenced white light.

The baroque musical form of the fugue is a compositional technique in which a melodic theme repeats through play and variation. In Square Fugue the music informs the interplay of form and light with the ‘melodic theme’ expressed through a series of rectangular brass elements.

The wall-mounted light sculpture is installed in the Bulletin Place laneway near Circular Quay. When viewed, it develops in a flat non-linear rhythm, appearing as a wall texture that gradually emerges outwards and across the wall.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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