26 May - 17 Jun 2017 18:00 - 23:00
The Royal Botanic Gardens

 Claudio Porras (Colombia)

Collaborators: Alejandro Mojica (Colombia) / Obed Arias (Colombia) / Luis Espindola (Colombia) / 
Carolina Cruz (Colombia) / Jenny Guevara M (Colombia)

SPREADING LIFE is inspired by that most natural (and magical) of experiences: blowing on a dandelion. This installation captures the delicate moment when a dandelion’s seeds float off and spread through the air; a passage of nature — that shows us that as a flower dies, others are born.

The work offers a unique form of interaction, inviting people to blow on two small light sculptures equipped with sensors and crafted into the form of dandelion flowers. To ensure the message is clear, neon is positioned alongside the flowers and forms the word ‘BLOW’ with moving arrows indicating the appropriate spot.

Visitors who approach and take up the invitation to interact with the small dandelions activate a bright animation in an adjacent group of larger flowers — the seeds light up and begin to glow in space and a sound simulates their floating away through the air. Ultimately this lovely work reminds us that blowing on a dandelion represents hopes, dreams and desires.

Country represented by installation: Colombia