Artist: Jarrod Barrow (New Zealand)Collaborators: Angus Muir (New Zealand) / Hamish Steptoe (New Zealand)Spectrum transforms a part of the urban environment...



The Rocks
2000 NSW


Event Details

Artist: Jarrod Barrow (New Zealand)

Collaborators: Angus Muir (New Zealand) / Hamish Steptoe (New Zealand)

Spectrum transforms a part of the urban environment into a bright, engaging community space using colour, movement and a line of multicoloured rods.

The simplicity of the sculpture is deceptive: the rods contain sophisticated lighting technology and are hinged to a specially constructed steel base. When visitors interact with the rods by tilting them just 20 degrees away from their upright position, their colours change, transitioning across the spectrum.

Participants can align the light rods into their own patterns, colour combinations and designs and personalise the artwork to appeal to their own perceptions of beauty and aesthetics. They are also encouraged to work together with other visitors to create new combinations and visual experiences that alter the mood, feel and look of the surrounding environment.


Country represented by installation: New Zealand

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