Space Folding

Curved grids of small white lights form the double walls of a three-metre-high cylinder. The entry-way flares up top into three points of a star, and leads into a gently glowing round space three metres in diameter.
22 May - 08 Jun 2015 18:00 - Midnight
Corner of George St and Alfred St, Circular Quay, NSW 2000

Zina Kaye

David Rogers / Samuel Davies / Rene Christen / David Towey / Mr Snow / Jonny Hurn / Peret von Sturmer / Ben Batt / Danielle Wiessner

Country: Australia

Space Folding is a towering cylinder that morphs into multi-coloured patterns of light and sound in response to real-time flight data from Sydney airspace. The installation maps the progress of planes leaving and coming into Sydney, and audiences follow their progress through the rhythmic movements of colour and data that race around the structure.

Every take-off, landing and plane passing overhead simultaneously augments the sequence of light and sound, building a never-repeating pattern. The experience prompts questions and discussions about place, transformation and the interconnected nature of our world.

Headsets allow the audience to hear the data driven generated soundtrack while being simultaneously transported by the lights.