The Space Arena

The Space Arena
25 May - 16 Jun 18:00 - 23:00
Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney NSW 2000

VNA Technology Pty Ltd: Jiajie Xiao (China) / Jiawei Zhang (China) / Kieran Howard (USA) / Tanju Yildirim (Australia) / Yixi Chen (China)

Seekway Technology Limited (China) 

The Space Arena combines latest LED and 3D technology to create a new type of public space in which entertainment, exhibitions and interactive events are showcased for audiences.

The hollow 3D structure stands three metres high, and its interior is draped with several layers of LED ‘curtains’, allowing the space to host a wide range of visual art forms. These include standalone artworks, pre-programed animations and even interactive graffiti supplied from smartphones.

The unique aspect of this installation is its flexibility as a 3D canvas and the level of user interactivity that it allows. Visitors can select their emojis and messages to send to the cube and watch as they emerge in a large-format display that can be viewed equally from all sides of the cube. This new format can not only entertain, but also displays works relating to diversity, sustainability and the uplifting aesthetics of beautiful artwork to engage and educate.

Country represented by installation: Australia