Artist: Joe Crossley (Australia)Collaborators: Rh7thm (Julian Ward, Darryl Thoms) / Jack Oakford / Ta-ku / Sam PriceStep beneath a canopy of light...

Sound Cells


Sydney Opera
2000 NSW

Sound Cells

Event Details

Artist: Joe Crossley (Australia)

Collaborators: Rh7thm (Julian Ward, Darryl Thoms) / Jack Oakford / Ta-ku / Sam Price

Step beneath a canopy of light and be sonically transported inside the vaulted halls of the Sydney Opera House. 

Inspired by nature and the desire to be in multiple places at once, the Intel-powered Sound Cells are three tree-like installations giving festivalgoers the opportunity to immerse themselves in exclusive music and visuals by home-grown music producer Ta-ku and visual artist Sam Price, as well as live audio from inside Australia's most famous music venue.

Shaped like geometric clouds, semi-translucent 3D printed canopies contain speakers optically linked to the Sydney Opera House's Grammy Award winning recording and broadcast studio known as the Intel Broadcast Studios. These deliver crystal clear sound while grids of internal LEDs interact with the music, creating a dynamic light show.

Each Sound Cell delivers a distinctive experience and features sustainable construction, made from recycled water bottles on the largest 3D printer of its kind in Australia.

These otherworldly, emotionally enriching pools of sound, vision and light are a place to sit, stand, lean, dance, and experience the Sydney Opera House like never before – bringing what happens inside the famous sails outside.

Sound Cells is a collaboration between Intel and Sydney Opera House. Intel is a Major Partner of the Sydney Opera House and Major Event Partner of Vivid LIVE.

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