Artists: Natalia Galin (Australia)Collaborator: Chris O'Dwyer (Australia) / Alexander North (Australia) / George Robinson (Australia...

Shadow Wall


Circular Quay
2000 NSW

Shadow Wall

Event Details

Artists: Natalia Galin (Australia)

Collaborator: Chris O'Dwyer (Australia) / Alexander North (Australia) / George Robinson (Australia) / Alistair Morgan (Australia) / Srdjan Krstic (Australia) / Robert Strand (Australia) / Carlos Guillermo Ledezma (Venezuela) / Adel Helal (Australia) /  Mathew Bussing (Australia) / Daniel Keogh (Australia) / Yaakov Smith (Australia) / Lauren Roby (England) / David Jimenez (Australia)

The starting point for this installation was a question: “What can happen to a shadow when the sun disappears?” The answer is Shadow Wall: not so much a wall but a vision system that subverts the concept of night-time shadows by rendering them in a blaze of colour and movement and new vibrant life.

The installation uses three-dimensional mapping to capture the changing scene before it and then renders what would be dark, sinister shadows on any other wall into multicoloured silhouettes that light up as they mirror the movements of passing visitors.

Participants interact with the wall and, through controlled movements, can have their shadows ‘perform’, pose and make shapes, or merge with the shadows of other visitors to light up the entire wall at once.

Shadow Wall brings shadows out of the darkness, dispels their sinister overtones and transforms them into a playful and colourful phenomenon.

Country represented by installation: Australia


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