Artists: Pink Cactus: George Buchanan (Australia) / Govinda Webster (Australia)In the Scale of the Sea: At Tumbalong Lights takes visitors into...

In the Scale of the Sea: At Tumbalong Lights


Tumbalong Park
2000 NSW

In the Scale of the Sea

Event Details

Pink Cactus: George Buchanan (Australia) / Govinda Webster (Australia)

In the Scale of the Sea: At Tumbalong Lights takes visitors into a world of underwater, musical whimsy and enchantment.

Positioned in the centre of a giant, circular musical keyboard is an ‘ocean bed’ of corals and sea creatures and kelp ‘trees’. Visitors interact with the installation by touching the keyboard. When any of the giant keys are touched, a musical sound is emitted, and each key also lights up a coral, a sea urchin, a large clam or a starfish within the colourful seascape.

Visitors of all ages can play beautiful tunes, and, together, share the fun of creating a captivating sound and light show.

The installation is one of four works that comprise the Tumbalong Lights play area, which uses innovative design to open up inclusive and accessible possibilities of play, engagement and wonder for all children, including those with a disability.

For the first time at Vivid Sydney, Tumbalong Lights offers an opportunity for families who have children with a disability to pre-book tickets free-of-charge to ensure a seamless festival experience.

To plan your trip and understand the accessible faciltities available, visit

Fireworks on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm

The other Tumbalong Lights installations include:

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Click here for more information on Vivid Sydney’s Access and Inclusion program.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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