Artists: HammerlightingCountry: AustraliaThe Rocks Police Station is proudly celebrating 100 Years of Women in the NSW Police Force, with powerful lighting...

The Rocks Police Station


The Rocks
2000 NSW

On a blocky building’s façade, the number 100 is projected four times in white against a royal blue background. In each 100, a white cross hangs from the first zero, forming the Venus symbol.

Event Details

Artists: Hammerlighting

Country: Australia

The Rocks Police Station is proudly celebrating 100 Years of Women in the NSW Police Force, with powerful lighting installation featuring a single graphic symbol, designed in honour of the anniversary. It represents the courage, strength and compassion of female policing.

The projection bathes the historic brick and sandstone façade of the police station in brilliant roving lights and highlights the symbol in a dynamic 4-minute sequence of changing colour, pattern and intensity.

The dynamism of the projection is representative of the transformation in women’s policing since the state’s first two female officers were recruited in 1915.

Policing was very different for women at that time; they didn’t carry firearms or handcuffs; wore civilian clothes instead of uniforms; and were restricted lecturing in schools  or assisting detectives with crimes affecting women.

In 1965, NSW Police Force welcomed 58 women into the ranks as regular officers (under the Police Regulation Women Police Amendment Act No. 64 or 1964) with full police powers, employment conditions and entitlements.

Today, NSW Police Force is comprised of more than 22,000 employees, with women representing 27% of sworn officers.

NSW Police Force has had a presence at The Rocks for its entire 153-year history, with The Rocks Police Station currently at 132 George Street.

The Vivid illuminations of the building use LED and high output arc fixtures. They are the latest technology 400w fixtures for the moving symbol and 40w LED for the background colour wash. These fixtures have high output optical specifications that give greater intensity.