22 May - 08 Jun 2015 18:00 - Midnight
Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000

Artists: thomas+sebastian (Thomas Martin / Sebastian Barkoczy)

Collaborators: Jonathon Bolitho / Mark Bolitho / Felix Sheppard / Harry Hock / Richard Klein

Country: Australia

Robotanic reminds us that in a world dominated by technology we should still take the time to tune our senses to nature. The interactive installation replicates the experience of a botanical garden and invites the audience to wander through and reconnect with the essence of the natural world.

The garden contains a series of organically shaped nodes with plant-like characteristics; they vary in height and shape and, anchored at their bases, appear to grow from the ground. When touched, the nodes produce an erratic display of light, and motion-sensors trigger sounds associated with nature, as if the environment is coming to life.

Artists Thomas Martin and Sebastian Barkoczy created the installation using advanced technology to make a statement about balance; whilst we can never return to a life without technology, it should not become all-consuming. ‘Switching off’ actually connects the senses to the simple enjoyments found in nature.