Artists:WSP Vision Design: Fiona Venn (Ireland) /  Rachel Smith (Australia)Collaborator:WSP: Jade Cross (Australia) Reflection is a repurposing...



Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (enter via Queen Elizabeth II Gates)


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WSP Vision Design: Fiona Venn (Ireland) /  Rachel Smith (Australia)

Jade Cross (Australia) 

Reflection is a repurposing of those popular, decorative lightboxes that allow you to spell out your thoughts for the day by placing translucent letters on a backlit screen, reminiscent of an old fashioned movie billboard.

This artwork adds an extra dimension to the idea, using reflection to spell out inspirational words. Horizontally and vertically halved letters on the light boxes are then mirrored to complete the image.

Depending on the viewing distance, it may not initially be clear what the message is, drawing the viewer closer. Then, as viewers move in and interact with the artwork, the entire words are formed.

Inspired by Sydney's 'dream big' attitude, the reflective aspect of the installation is both literal and figurative, aiming to inspire and engage participants to ‘reflect’ on their own hopes and dreams.

Country represented by installation: Australia 

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Access and Inclusion

  • Wheelchair accessible - Access to the venue is suitable for wheelchairs (toilets, ramps/lifts etc.) and designated wheelchair spaces are available.
  • Audio described - Audio description is a service provided for patrons who are blind or have low vision. Trained audio describers give live, objective, verbal descriptions.