Rainbow Dancers

Rainbow Dancers
27 May - 18 Jun 2016 18:00 - 23:00
Royal Botanic Gardens

Artists: Lewis Miles (Australia) / Imants Thomas (Australia)

Rainbow Dancers is an exploration of the world of simulation and the idea that, as a condition of hyper-reality, appearances become far more real than the world of people and objects.

Inspired by coral forms native to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and their subsequent (often exaggerated and unreal) portrayals in illustrations found between the margins of our nation’s field guides, Rainbow Dancers deconstructs these representations and recomposes them as totemic symbols: playing with scale, form and colour as they drift towards us.

As visitors move through the installation, weaving between the ‘dancers’, the lights respond by changing colour, creating a rhythmic field of vibrancy in a live, participant-controlled performance piece.

The coral forms appear to come life, blushing if you get too close.

Country represented by installation: Australia