The Milky Laneway

Above laneway, a canopy of shining spheres creates a colourful galaxy which bathes the walls and participants in a rainbow of light. When visitors move through certain  areas, animations and effects flow through the imitation starscape.
22 May - 08 Jun 2015 18:00 - Midnight
Cambridge Street, The Rocks NSW 2000

Artists: Kate & Martyn (Martin and Kathryn Bevz)
Country: Australia

The Milky Laneway depicts an illuminated night sky alive with meteor showers, shooting stars and supernova. The lighting galaxy is suspended over a laneway using LED spheres of various sizes and finishes (clear, frosted and mirrored) hung at random heights to represent Earth’s solar system. By day the stars are barely visible, apart from some subtle reflections of natural sunlight. By night they glow and bathe the viewer in natural hues of the universe with starlight thrown by ‘red dwarfs’, ‘blue giants’ and ‘white dwarfs’.

As viewers pass through interactive zones, the stars align, and animations and effects flow through the solar system. The work highlights how the increase in the ambient light level at night obstructs the natural beauty of the night sky.