Artist:WestonWilliamson Pty Ltd. (Australia)Collaborators:Aaron Hughes (Australia) / Anton Grimes (Australia)Midnight Sun is a large, flame-coloured...

Midnight Sun


Mrs Macquaries Rd
2000 NSW

Mightnight Sun

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WestonWilliamson Pty Ltd. (Australia)

Aaron Hughes (Australia) / Anton Grimes (Australia)

Midnight Sun is a large, flame-coloured disc that rises over the harbour near Farm Cove. In the morning it is lit by the rays of the sun, and at night hundreds of tiny coloured discs are illuminated by a LED and flutter and shimmer in the breeze.

The LED light is powered by a photovoltaic panel which is integral to the installation. It serves as a reminder that only 1.5% of the earths land mass would be necessary to generate all our energy requirements. It is a fantastic but under-utilised resource.

The large polycarbonate disc measures 2m in diameter and is covered in small clear, yellow, orange and red discs, which create its golden shimmer.

WestonWilliamson, the architectural firm currently working on the Sydney Metro, created the light sculpture as a contribution to the cultural life of the city. 

Country represented by installation: Australia

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