Artist:WestonWilliamson Pty Ltd. (Australia)Collaborators:Aaron Hughes (Australia) / Anton Grimes (Australia)Midnight Moon appears to float magically above...

Midnight Moon


Mrs Macquaries Rd
2000 NSW

Midnight Moon

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WestonWilliamson Pty Ltd.

Aaron Hughes (Australia) / Anton Grimes (Australia)

Midnight Moon appears to float magically above the Royal Botanic Garden. It serves as a beacon for this section of the Light Walk, drawing visitors through the Queen Elizabeth II Gate from the Sydney Opera House forecourt and along the paths of the Garden.

This light sculpture is a subtler design than its companion work, Midnight Sun, which sits on a grass lawn near Farm Cove, but is equally captivating. 

Created from a 2-metre diameter clear polycarbonate disc, covered with 900 muted pastel mini-discs of grey, blue and green, the design reflects the shadows, undulations and craters of the moon’s surface, rather than being a purely abstract representation. The mini-discs are attached at one point to the main disc, so that they all move gently and independently in the sea breezes. 

By attaching the LED lights around the circumference in two independently controlled sections, Midnight Moon appears to be waxing and waning throughout the evening. In the morning, the moon is back-lit by the rising sun creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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