Made of This

Made of This
25 May - 16 Jun 18:00 - 23:00
West Circular Quay NSW 2000
West Circular Quay NSW 2000

Indermühle +: Aly Indermühle (Australia)

Balthasar Indermühle (Australia)

Made of This explores the subtle interaction between audience, light, colour, space and emotion.

The delicate pastel-toned lights of the artwork are presented as a series of six abstract paintings — but this is not a static work. It envelopes the viewer in light and communicates through the shifting language of colour.

The soft, gentle tones of candy-tinted hues are mesmerising and undulate slowly and rhythmically in the night, evoking memories of happiness and nostalgia. As immigrants to Australia artists Aly and Balthasar Indermühle have been greatly influenced by the natural beauty that exists in urban, bush and outback regions.

After living on a small farm in a remote region of New South Wales for several years, their relocation to the city has left them with lasting memories of remarkable sunsets, sunrises and skies so blue “they never ceased to amaze”.

The Indermühles combine their appreciation of both natural and urban digital light with Aly’s artistic imagination and Balthasar’s scientific background. Their aim is to create light works that are not only aesthetically beautiful but represent the vibrant light that inspires them.

Country represented by installation: Australia