Light of Thoughts

Light of Thoughts
26 May - 17 Jun 2017 18:00 - 23:00
Macquarie Place Park

Novo-See: Shidi Luo (China) / Tong Jia (China) / Hongji Lin (China) / Xiang Peng (China)

PAK Lighting (China) HUAWEI (China) XIAOMI Yeelight (China) 

Light of Thoughts is the physical embodiment of bright ideas. It’s a giant brain that sits waiting for participants to stimulate it and thus discover what happens during different types of thought processes.

The installation’s exterior is a brain-shape casing made from semi-transparent acrylic material; sitting adjacent to the brain is a control stand that is responsive to hand gestures made by participants.

Tapping the control will activate ‘thoughts’ that are transmitted into the brain via lighting cubes, which trigger changes to animations inside the brain

To change the direction of the animations, participants wave right, to reverse them they wave left. As thoughts multiply the audio and visual effects become faster and stronger.

The intention is to evoke that moment when non-related fields of knowledge and different types of thinking process combine to produce a magical occurrence in the brain: innovative thought.

Country represented by installation: China