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Landscape of the Mind



Landscape of the Mind

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Black Dog Institute and amigo & amigo:
 Natalie Robinson (Australia) / Katherine Boydell (Australia)
Simone Chua (Australia) / Renzo  B. Larriviere (Australia)

Landscape of the Mind is a sculpture that explores deeply personal experiences of anxiety — what it feels like and what helps — through body map drawings, charting experiences, emotions and physical sensations that may be difficult to express verbally.  This enables individuals to express their personal experience of anxiety in a way that shows its debilitating effects without stigmatising the condition.

The body maps presented in Landscape of the Mind were drawn by participants in a research study conducted by Professor Katherine Boydell and her team at the Black Dog Institute, an organisation that studies, diagnoses, and helps to moderate mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

To build awareness and empathy for sufferers, curator Natalie Robinson facilitated the creation of a series of life-sized human forms and integrated the body maps by etching them into transparent acrylic panels; these are lit with different colours to highlight how anxiety can impact parts of the body.

She uses the body maps as a way of telling stories whose significance can only be understood in relation to the creator's overall story and experience.

 In Landscape of the Mind each body map artwork can be viewed individually, but by looking through all the assembled transparent panels the viewer can see the layers of collective experience.

Country represented by installation: Australia 

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