Interactive Human Light Clock

Interactive Human Light Clock
26 May - 17 Jun 2017 18:00 - 23:00
AMP Forecourt

Creative Lighting and Audio: 
Andre Kecskes (Australia)Mark Hammer (Australia) / Peter Kocis (Australia)

Interactive Human Light Clock channels the Ancient Egyptians, who looked to the Sun for their timekeeping methods. Through acute observation and ingenuity, they created shadow clocks, sundials and the large obelisks that often featured in public spaces to chart the progress of their day.

In Egypt time was very important to astronomers and priests who were responsible for determining the precise start and duration of daily rituals and important religious festivals. There is even evidence suggesting that these devices were also used to measure work hours!

The Interactive Human Light Clock updates the concept of shadow clocks by using the viewer as a modern day obelisk to cast a shadow that tells the time. 

Instead of the sun the installation uses LED lighting as a light source. Participants stand on a central marked point and their shadow falls on the hours dividing a 12-hour clock face.  Although visitors to Vivid cast their shadow at night, the time and light quality around the installation is calibrated to match daylight hours.

Night becomes day, there are sounds of dawn and dusk and all time in between with the hours marked by the shadow cast by the human obelisk.

Country represented by installation: Australia