Artist: E-Lux Lighting Design (Bettina Easton (Australia))Collaborator: iGuzzini (Rino Brindisi (Australia))Infinity Box plays with basic human...

Infinity Box


Circular Quay
2000 NSW

Infinity Box

Event Details

Artist: E-Lux Lighting Design (Bettina Easton (Australia))

Collaborator: iGuzzini (Rino Brindisi (Australia))

Infinity Box plays with basic human curiosity. The installation sits quietly, a large unassuming box with a discrete doorway. The question is: “What’s in the box?”

The answer is found by stepping through darkness into a never-ending world of pattern and light.

As visitors enter the box through the doorway they are escaping the outside world. Moving through the darkness, they see lights pulsing and dimming, forming displays of three separate ‘infinity patterns’ – each pattern repeating over and over again and only disappearing when a new pattern emerges. 


Country represented by installation: Australia

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