25 May - 16 Jun 18:00 - 23:00
Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000
Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000

Louisa Magrics (Australia)

Chuck Grotte (USA) / Stephen Haynes (USA) / Calum Young (Australia)

Hyperweb takes the form of a giant illuminated web; it is a poetic representation of sound and highlights the mathematics and interconnectedness of our world.

Designed by award-winning interdisciplinary Artist Louisa Magrics, the work is suspended between six points, hovers six metres in the air above a clearing more than eight metres in diameter.

It is inspired by rhythms and the relationships between corresponding shapes and incorporates audio samples from the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. The installation is site-responsive, translating variables such as movement, temperature and humidity into an ambient soundscape unique to its environment. 

The distinctive and beautiful web was crocheted by hand and illustrates interconnected relationships between patterns, shapes and musical concepts. Repeating number sequences spiral through the design to expose tessellating patterns in the web-like, tensile structure.

Exploring the poetic and aesthetic relationships between music, crochet and mathematics, the work is a part of the artist’s PhD research as a student at the University of Newcastle.

Hyperweb is designed as a canvas for experimental collaborations with lighting designers and multimedia artists. For Vivid Sydney 2018 the work has been produced in collaboration with Sydney Lighting Designer Calum Young, international Multimedia Artist Stephen Haynes and Sydney-based sound collective, bitzPink.

Country represented by installation: Australia