Artists: Indermühle + Indermühle (Aly Indermühle (Australia) / Balthasar Indermühle (Australia))Horizon explores the subtle interaction between...



Campbells Cove
2000 NSW


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Artists: Indermühle + Indermühle (Aly Indermühle (Australia) / Balthasar Indermühle (Australia))

Horizon explores the subtle interaction between audience, light and space, breaking down the viewing barriers of a sandstone wall to reveal a window into an alternative landscape. 

The installation presents as a painting of an arid central-desert landscape, reaching into the distance like a mirage. The sense of horizon is captured by a series of vertical lights, lined up along the wall and which graduate in colour from blue to reds and oranges. 

The sandstone blocks of the wall lend warm rich tones and texture and the illusion of a vibrant blue sky reaches deep into the night and reminds the viewer that there is a natural beauty to the unique light of this country.

As immigrants to Australia, the Indermühles have been greatly influenced by the natural beauty that exists in urban areas, the bush and outback regions. After living on a small farm deep in the heart of remote New South Wales for several years, their relocation to the city has left them with lasting memories of remarkable sunsets, sunrises, and skies so blue they never ceased to amaze.

Combining Aly’s artistic imagination and Balthasar’s scientific background, the pair have created a work that is aesthetically beautiful and seeks to accurately represent the wonder of the natural light that inspires them.


Country represented by installation: Australia

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