26 May - 17 Jun 2017 18:00 - 23:00
Macquarie Place Park, 50 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000

Artists: Kim Straatemeier (Australia) / Sara McClintock (Mexico) / Steven Isherwood (United Kingdom)

Helix demonstrates that in nature, what can sometimes appear random from one angle, seems like organised perfection from another. Comprised of large, glowing, laser-cut panels that soar from a raised plinth, Helix at first seems nonsensical until you look directly down the main axis. It’s at this point the perfection becomes apparent and the viewer is transfixed by the gradual ebb and flow of light moving down the spine of the sculpture. 

The artists are a group of lighting designers with industrial design, architectural and theatrical backgrounds who have come together for Vivid Sydney 2017. Their aim is to make the subtleties of light in the form of sculptural art accessible to all. 

Country represented by installation: Australia