Harmony Valley - Rainbow of Peace & Trees of Friendship

Harmony Valley
25 May - 16 Jun 18:00 - 23:00
The Rocks NSW 2000
The Rocks NSW 2000

Edison Chen (Australia)

Adam Katz (USA) / Chere Koh (Australia) / Hannah Cheers (Australia) / Kaveh Tabar Heydar (Iran) / Matt Cabanag (Philippines) / Jun Ji Moey (Australia) / Yunke Qu (China) / Nancy Hua (Australia) / Thomas Bremner (New Zealand) / Raymond Zeng (Australia)

Harmony Valley - Rainbow of Peace & Trees of Friendship delivers an experience of harmony, joy and happiness — but in a most unexpected way.

The installation is comprised of a set of large inflatable sculptures that reference Japanese ‘kawaii’ culture where the use of exaggerated cute aesthetics elicits and heightens emotions of nurture, playfulness and vulnerability. 

The elements of the work include an inflatable ‘rainbow of peace’ as well as inflatable ‘trees of friendship’ each adorned with inviting faces and bright colours. A soundscape has also been composed to reflect the lively nature and personality of this endearing group.

Visitors are invited to interact with the sculpture by forming a human chain that connects with each end of the rainbow. That simple act of connection rewards participants by activating the sculpture, which springs into life with new sounds, animations and brilliant pulsing light.

Participants (and those looking on) are together immersed in a world of belonging and humanity. The psychological experience is of positivity, cooperation and understanding between friends and strangers alike.

Country represented by installation: Australia