Artist: Simon Aitken (Australia)Collaborators: Justin Nyker (Australia) / Melissa Dennis (Australia)Geometrics  showcases the beauty of line.The artist...



Martin Pl
2000 NSW


Event Details

Artist: Simon Aitken (Australia)

Collaborators: Justin Nyker (Australia) / Melissa Dennis (Australia)

Geometrics  showcases the beauty of line.

The artist places 32 moving lights on a high circular truss; working in unison the lights create dazzling effects, projecting columns of light into the night and forming whimsical decorative shapes and strong pattern designs. 

Seen from a distance the apparently suspended form of the Geometrics light sculpture certainly delivers a ‘wow’ factor, but for those gazing up from beneath, the experience is transformational; the sky appears as a pattern formed by colour and line and enlivened by the darting forms of odd flying shapes.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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